Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY Anthro Necklace!

I've been MIA, but I have still made a little time to DIY!  There's nothing like having a little down time and getting to create a little bit!!  I found a little DIY (through Pinterest) on a blog called Studs and Pearls.  It's for an Anthro "Love" necklace and it's WAAAAYY easy!!

Here's the Anthro version:

And here's mine:

You can find the instructions on the link for the Studs and Pearls blog above.  I promise it's so simple!  It literally took 20 minutes.  And the bulk of the time is just wrapping the wire with embroidery thread.  I would love to see if you make one, too!

Until next time...

Monday, May 21, 2012

We're BAAAAACCKKK... maybe.

I can't believe it's been SOO long since I last posted.. partly because my computer is broken.. partly because I haven't been able to finger out how to upload my pictures to Kyle's computer... but MOSTLY because my life is CRAZY right now!  AHHHH.... these little ones are keeping me busyyyy.  Parker and Payton's bedtime comes and I'm done with anything and everything.  The ability to even think literally leaves my brain until... well, that ability left long ago so... well, why don't I just give you a teeny peek into life lately...

  My cuties tickling each other!  This is rare so I'm so glad I caught a picture!

 Chow time.

 Being T-rex's.  Apparently Kyle's brain is gone too!

 Parker now shares his dinosaurs with Payton!  If you truly understood how much Parker LOVES his dinosaurs, you would see why this is such a big deal!

 Just being silly.  Boston hat, Cars undies, Angry Birds band-aid, and tiger slippers all make for a cool dude!

 We have a weirdo on our hands!  Silly, silly, silly all the time!

 When her belly isn't full of milk, she likes to chew on her toes!  She has two teethies and I'm positive more are very close to making their appearance.

 Sprinkler time!  Falling... we do a lot of that these days.

Just jumpin' in her Jumperoo!  She loves it!

I hope to give some more updates soon!  That's all for now folks!