Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Parker-man...and family

Here are a few random pictures from the past few months...I have no idea how to make the pictures look nice and put captions...so enjoy!!

Once I'm not so annoyed at uploading pictures, I may upload more! Or maybe I should just regularly update...either way, I hoped you enjoyed!

R+J Handmade

I am TERRIBLE about blogging...I did not get the "high-tech" genes I should have from my dad... so I am living my life struggling with even loading pictures onto Facebook. Aren't I supposed to be good at that sort of thing?? I'm not... so any free lessons are welcome!

With that said, I am going to attempt to keep up with the goings-on of my family and my sister's and my new Etsy shop R+J Handmade. I have to give my sister, Roxanne, most of the credit for this Etsy shop and our recent success in a "Holiday Shopping Party" a great friend, Whitney, hosted for a group of aspiring "business women" like ourselves. We had a great time hanging out, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones! I didn't take any pictures of the amazing event, but I did want to make a plug for some of my handmade products! :) Some of these are still available in our shop, but let me know if you do not see the items you like! I accept custom orders!

Don't forget that a huge part of R+J Handmade is ROXANNE! She makes the cutest hand towels and distressed picture frames!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Cards!

'Tis the season...for HOLIDAY CARDS! I can't wait to receive and send out these special cards. I love the simplicity of a current family picture and a Holiday greeting! I need some help deciding, though... which is YOUR favorite?? Shutterfly has so many different options that I can't decide on my own! (I may even order a personalized mug or wall calendar, too!) I could see my family's picture on ANY of these Christmas cards...

Maybe I'll get them all! :) Let me know what YOU like... maybe I can make a decision from there!

I would love to order from Shutterfly for other photo needs! I have so many ideas for birthdays and parties that Shutterfly could help with! Let me know what you have used Shutterfly for or what you plan on using Shutterfly for in the future!