Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Parker turns 3!!

We had such a fun time celebrating Parker's 3rd birthday! We got to celebrate 3 times (can we say spoiled??) this year..

First, we celebrated at the beach with some of my family! One of Parker's cousins turned 4 the day before we left so we had a joint celebration while we were there! The boys chose to have chicken nuggets and Mac cheese for dinner, and we had chocolate birthday cupcakes with blue frosting!!

 After presents, we headed out for GO KARTS!!! After a ridiculously long wait, we finally got our chance to have the ride of Parker's life!! He rode with his crazy mom who screamed and yelled the whole time warranting, "Are you serious?" looks from my little guy! Ha! It was a blast! Parker also got to go on an airplane ride, a train, and bumper boats!

Our second celebration was at the lake with some of Kyle's family! (I will have to upload more pictures from our camera!) We had yummy brats for dinner and had some delicious birthday cake!! Park-man was showered with gifts, and we spent the evening catching up and playing with Parker's new toys and games!

We spent Parker's actual birthday with our family, and it couldn't have been better! We woke up with no plan except to open presents and get doughnuts for breakfast.. One of his gifts was a pirate costume so he wore it all day!

We got a doughnut and took it to the park to enjoy the amazing weather! We stayed for quite awhile running around doing "treasure hunts"!

On the way out we stopped by the fire station to see if we could see the truck! The firemen were so sweet and pulled the truck out and turned the lights on. We took a little tour of the truck a Park climbed in the driver's seat!

On our way home, we had to drop something by a friend's house so Parker got to get out and "drive" the tractor!

Once again, we were flying by the seat of our pants... so special lunch??  Pinterest came through for us!!  We saw a sandwich made to look like Perry the Platypus from the show Phineas and Ferb, and we KNEW this was pretty darn special!  (Park-man's FAVORITE pair of underwear has his face as the entire backside! Ha!) This is just a PB&J with cheese and crust cut out to look like his face. SO easy and little P-Diddy loved it! 

After a LOOONNNG nap, we decided to make our own pizzas.  Parker got to spread his pizza sauce on the crust, sprinkle his own cheese, and add pepperonis! 

Birthday dessert was cake mix cookies with frosting in the middle.

Can you tell it was good??

And one of baby girl! :)

Now that we've had more birthday dessert than anyone should ever have, we are ready to settle into our SCHOOL year! That's right, our big boy starts 3 year-old preschool tomorrow!  I'm so excited for him! I look forward to one-on-one time with PayPay and hopefully a little quiet time! Parker's SOO excited about learning and making new friends!

NOW.  We'll see if I post again before his 4th birthday! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Little Boys' Pocket Tee

SO simple.

What you need:
fabric for pocket (new or use an old pair of shorts like I did!)
matching thread
sewing machine

Decide on a pocket size you like, then add 1/4 in. seam allowance on the sides and bottom.  If you are using an old shirt or shorts (or dress.. or tie.. or sock.. I don't know... the possibilities are endless!) and you like the hem already... just use it like it is for the top part of the pocket!  If you are using new material or creating a new hem I would probably use a an inch or so seam allowance.

I've decided that my FAVORITE way to sew (because it's EASY and QUICK) is to "fake serge" or zig-zag the edges.  So.  That's what I did here.  I zig-zagged to prevent the edges from fraying...

...then I folded the edges under and pinned the pocket on the T-shirt.  (Use a T-shirt you already have to put the pocket in the right position... OR obviously you could just try it on.)

Finally just straight-stitch it on the shirt!

That's it!

Then promise your 2 year old candy so you can take a couple pictures.

Then, actually give him the candy immediately or THIS will happen.

After the candy is consumed, you may get another smile.  Even if it's fake.

Then take a picture of your cute baby girl taking a sink-bath!  

I have put a couple printed pockets on plain T's for myself and it REALLY changes the style!  I've done a floral pocket... a striped pocket... and a lace pocket... let me know if you try it out!! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY Anthro Necklace!

I've been MIA, but I have still made a little time to DIY!  There's nothing like having a little down time and getting to create a little bit!!  I found a little DIY (through Pinterest) on a blog called Studs and Pearls.  It's for an Anthro "Love" necklace and it's WAAAAYY easy!!

Here's the Anthro version:

And here's mine:

You can find the instructions on the link for the Studs and Pearls blog above.  I promise it's so simple!  It literally took 20 minutes.  And the bulk of the time is just wrapping the wire with embroidery thread.  I would love to see if you make one, too!

Until next time...

Monday, May 21, 2012

We're BAAAAACCKKK... maybe.

I can't believe it's been SOO long since I last posted.. partly because my computer is broken.. partly because I haven't been able to finger out how to upload my pictures to Kyle's computer... but MOSTLY because my life is CRAZY right now!  AHHHH.... these little ones are keeping me busyyyy.  Parker and Payton's bedtime comes and I'm done with anything and everything.  The ability to even think literally leaves my brain until... well, that ability left long ago so... well, why don't I just give you a teeny peek into life lately...

  My cuties tickling each other!  This is rare so I'm so glad I caught a picture!

 Chow time.

 Being T-rex's.  Apparently Kyle's brain is gone too!

 Parker now shares his dinosaurs with Payton!  If you truly understood how much Parker LOVES his dinosaurs, you would see why this is such a big deal!

 Just being silly.  Boston hat, Cars undies, Angry Birds band-aid, and tiger slippers all make for a cool dude!

 We have a weirdo on our hands!  Silly, silly, silly all the time!

 When her belly isn't full of milk, she likes to chew on her toes!  She has two teethies and I'm positive more are very close to making their appearance.

 Sprinkler time!  Falling... we do a lot of that these days.

Just jumpin' in her Jumperoo!  She loves it!

I hope to give some more updates soon!  That's all for now folks!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Do they look alike??

It's so hard for me to tell if they look alike......

Here's Park-man at about 2 months old...

Here's baby PayPay just a few days ago (at about 9 weeks old)...
What do you think??

P.S. I can't believe I am looking back at Parker's baby pictures... time sure does fly.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Baby Legs"

Have you ever heard of or used (for your little ones) "Baby Legs"? They are basically leg warmers for babies, and they are awesome! They make diaper changing a little quicker since you don't have to pull pants down and put them back on. And for little girls, they work well in place of tights! From what I hear, they can be a little expensive... so why not make your own?! (This is not my original idea. I have seen a bunch of different way to make them, and I've combined the methods I liked best!)

So here's my favorite way to make Baby Legs!

What you need:
Long/knee high socks
sewing machine

First, cut off the heel and the toe of your sock.

You will just need the leg and the foot part... you can tell I got impatient and wanted to just sew the striped pair because I just stopped taking pictures!

Take the foot part of the sock and fold it in half (wrong sides together) so the cut/raw ends are matched up.

Now, insert the leg part of the sock in the middle of the folded foot tube you just made. You will be sewing through 3 layers of material. At this point you can pin the pieces in place OR if you're impatient, you can just skip the pinning. You can tell the path I chose...

Onto the machine! Use the zigzag stitch since you're sewing stretchy knit fabric OR if you have a serger (I wish!), that would be even better!

I could pretend that I used a contrasting colored thread to show you what I did... but the truth is I was once again impatient and didn't want to switch out the thread... do you see a trend here??

Flip the folded part up, and guess what! That's it!

You can literally make a pair 5 minutes or less. It's probably the easiest sewing project ever. And these will fit baby girl for quite awhile! Right now she wears them scrunched up so she has plenty of length to grow!

PayPay modeling her "Baby Legs"! Oh, and her skirt? You can find it here at Delia Creates. Another VERY easy sewing project! It's made from an old T-shirt! I'm a HUGE fan of refashioning/upcycling clothes!

That's all for today! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If you came to our Holiday Shopping Party, I probably told you I would put the items I didn't sell in our shop... Oops. I totally dropped the ball on that one! Life got a little crazy... so I'm JUST now getting around posting about the extra items!! I wanted to offer them to YOU first on my blog before I set up shop again!
Here's how it'll work:
-I have the prices posted underneath each item. (And they are all on SALE!)
-If I can figure out a way to just get the item(s) to you, I can take cash or check when we meet up! (Basically, if we know each other and will be in the same area in the near future!)
-IF you just WANT the item shipped to you, we can work out a transaction through PayPal. (Shipping will be $2)

Items will go to the first person to COMMENT AND LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!
3 Lace-covered chiffon (in mustard yellow) Yo-Yo's headband - $10
3 Double Georgette (in grey) Yo-Yo's headband - $10
3 Double Georgette Rolled Rosettes (in blue-green) headband - $12
Frayed Double Georgette (in grey) & Tulle Bow -$8

Chiffon Bow with sealed edges (in mustard yellow) - $8
3 Lace-covered knit (in olive green) Yo-Yo's headband - $10

4 Mini White Lace Rolled Rosettes headband - $12
3 Canvas Yo-Yo's (in Mustard Yellow) - $10

2 Green-swirled and off-white Yo-Yo clippies - $4

2 mustard yellow chiffon rolled rosette bobby pins - $4

2 mustard yellow Yo-Yo clippies - $4

2 Light Blue and Off-white cotton Yo-Yo's on alligator clips - $6

2 Mustard Yellow Canvas Yo-Yo's on alligator clips - $6

2 Lace-covered Knit (in olive green) Yo-Yo's on alligator clips - $6

2 Olive Green cotton folded flowers on alligator clips AND brooch pins - $6

Large Mustard Yellow chiffon rolled rosette clip- $4

Large Grey Double Georgette Rolled Rosette Clip - $4

Large Green-Blue Double Georgette folded flower clip - $4

If you have any questions, leave me a comment with your e-mail address! I will get back with you ASAP!