Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Easy Fabric Flower!

It's hard to turn down new accessories. It's even harder to turn it down when it's free. If you can make it yourself... best case scenario. Let's get down to it...

What you need:
Lace Trim (or long strip of ruffled fabric)
Coordinating felt
glue gun
Headband/hair clip/bobby pin/etc.

Get an idea of how big you want your fabric flower. Start with a small dab of glue and press the end down. Place a skinny strip of glue in an arc and begin to press down the lace trim in little folds to give the flower texture. Keep gluing small lengths at a time and spiral the lace inward. The closer together you glue the layers (as you spiral inward) the fuller your flower will be!

Once you reach the middle, cut the strip and glue it down. Don't worry too much about how it looks when you finish it off because it will be covered!

Just a finished view of the flower:

Next, carefully cut around the felt on backside of the flower, and glue one side of the velcro to the middle of the felt. (Not pictured)

Choose a button (or a group of buttons) to glue in the middle, and if you realize your flower is way too big... trim off some of the lace!

Once the glue on the velcro is cool, attach your flower to a headband...

or a pin...
...and pin it to your jacket or cardigan (or purse)...

...or attach it to a hair clip!

Obviously you could just glue the flower directly to a clip or headband or whatever, but I found it fun to be able to change it up!

If you felt the need to make it "classier" or you have a longer amount of time, you could always use a needle and thread to create your fabric flower!

I made mine pretty big but you could also make a couple of smaller ones and group them together. I would love to see yours if you try it out!!

Happy accessorizing!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Apple Pickin'}

Fall is such an amazing time of year! Pumpkins, indian corn, orange leaves, and APPLES. When we were younger and lived in California, my family would go to Apple Hill EVERY year to see the beautiful orchards, see how cider is made, and most importantly eat caramel apples! :) I love looking back on old memories... even more than that, though, I LOVE making new memories! That's exactly what we got to do recently...

Two days a week Kyle wakes up extra early for Bible studies, and he is usually gone before Parker and I are even awake. On one such morning last week, I get a text saying, "Get up and get ready." Ok, I need more details than that... so I just waited until Kyle got home. I'm very compliant. Kyle proceeds to tell me that he is changing and he's picking out clothes for both Parker and me. Umm... huh? Kyle's concern for particular clothing is usually ZERO, so I knew something was up. Next thing I know, I hear him call from the closet saying, "I need your help.. is this maternity??" He picked out a plaid button-up that would currently cover just my back... poor guy, he was trying... the story proceeds with Kyle pulling shirt after shirt out of the closet and with me saying, "Are you KIDDING?? I don't want to wear that... I just want you to tell me what the heck we're doing!!" I wasn't very nice. Somewhere in there he had changed in to a plaid shirt and jeans and dressed Parker in the same.. he finally gave in and told me that we NEEDED to wear plaid shirts and jeans because we were going to pick apples! :) After I gave him SUCH a hard time.. I felt bad. BUT, I was so excited!! And we knew Parker would have a blast. So our apple picking journey began: *Warning: Too. Many. Pictures. Proceed at your own risk!*
All trips start with a necessary re-tying of the shoes.. even double-knotted they seem to just come undone!

Off we went with bucket in hand! I loved that it was a metal pail and not a bag... I felt like it was a little more authentic!

Walking to the orchards. It was a beautiful day!

Our first apple picked by Park-man! He was so proud!

He literally THREW every. single. apple. into the bucket. It was so worth it, though. Bruised apples and all!

Daddy would find the perfect apples, point them out to Parker, and then Parker would pick them for us!

Proud of another apple!

He picked almost every single one! He did a great job!

Trying to find a good one.

Daddy showing him which one to pick.

There was a tiny little "pond" by the barn at the farm we went to with a few fish in it and little creature statues all around it. Parker was absolutely FASCINATED with them!
He loved the Aggi-gator.

Petting the turtle.

Trying to reach the frog.

At the end of our visit, we enjoyed a snack together outside in the amazing weather.

Just thought this one was cute.

We can't wait to go again! This particular farm also had muscadine grapes and peaches and nectarines in the spring! We will definitely make a trip out there for peaches next year!

Now we can't wait for more fall adventures! Hopefully pumpkin pickin' will be next! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspired... {I love Fall.}

Pinterest. It inspires me. I'm not just being dorky... EVERY time I look at all the lovely things, I truly am inspired to get up and CREATE. I may not make everything I pin or see, but it motivates me to go dig through my fabric stash, pull out paint, or find old decorations to revamp! Truthfully, I don't even FINISH every project I start, but it's still fun to try. So here are a few fall inspirations...
Linen Napkins DIY via Purl Bee

Gorgeous Burlap Utensil holder via Style Me Pretty

Twine-wrapped Monogram via Embellished Living on Etsy
(Although, this looks easy enough to create on your own!!)

Felt Ruffles Wreath via Chick's Picks by Hillary
(Again, DIY! Foam Wreath. Felt Circles folded in half twice. Glue or Push pins.)

Painted Burlap Banner via Babble (made by an etsy seller)
LOVE the Rustic-ness.

Twig vase via Martha Stewart

Now I'm off to create.