Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If you came to our Holiday Shopping Party, I probably told you I would put the items I didn't sell in our shop... Oops. I totally dropped the ball on that one! Life got a little crazy... so I'm JUST now getting around posting about the extra items!! I wanted to offer them to YOU first on my blog before I set up shop again!
Here's how it'll work:
-I have the prices posted underneath each item. (And they are all on SALE!)
-If I can figure out a way to just get the item(s) to you, I can take cash or check when we meet up! (Basically, if we know each other and will be in the same area in the near future!)
-IF you just WANT the item shipped to you, we can work out a transaction through PayPal. (Shipping will be $2)

Items will go to the first person to COMMENT AND LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!
3 Lace-covered chiffon (in mustard yellow) Yo-Yo's headband - $10
3 Double Georgette (in grey) Yo-Yo's headband - $10
3 Double Georgette Rolled Rosettes (in blue-green) headband - $12
Frayed Double Georgette (in grey) & Tulle Bow -$8

Chiffon Bow with sealed edges (in mustard yellow) - $8
3 Lace-covered knit (in olive green) Yo-Yo's headband - $10

4 Mini White Lace Rolled Rosettes headband - $12
3 Canvas Yo-Yo's (in Mustard Yellow) - $10

2 Green-swirled and off-white Yo-Yo clippies - $4

2 mustard yellow chiffon rolled rosette bobby pins - $4

2 mustard yellow Yo-Yo clippies - $4

2 Light Blue and Off-white cotton Yo-Yo's on alligator clips - $6

2 Mustard Yellow Canvas Yo-Yo's on alligator clips - $6

2 Lace-covered Knit (in olive green) Yo-Yo's on alligator clips - $6

2 Olive Green cotton folded flowers on alligator clips AND brooch pins - $6

Large Mustard Yellow chiffon rolled rosette clip- $4

Large Grey Double Georgette Rolled Rosette Clip - $4

Large Green-Blue Double Georgette folded flower clip - $4

If you have any questions, leave me a comment with your e-mail address! I will get back with you ASAP!


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