Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Parker's growing up!

No.. he's not potty-trained yet.

BUT. He will be sleeping in his new big, BIG boy bed (his big boy bed is the bed that Kyle made him I showed you here) very soon.
One of Parker's Christmas presents from his Nanna and Doc was new bedding for his bunkbed! Poor kid... his mama took FOREVER to find the PERFECT bedding. BUT, I'm so glad I did... I think we are all very happy with what we found.
Close-up of his cute Alphabet sheets!

The full view.
(Keepin' it real... this is "neatly made" in our house.. we are usually doing well to have the blankets off the floor... 8I think we only make our beds when we have visitors. Which isn't really keepin' it real I guess... I'm guilty of wanting people to think I am a tidy person, and I am SO not. So, now if you come over to my house and see beds neatly made, you'll know better.)

Back to the point.

I knew I wanted to find a comforter that would "grow" with him and last longer than his toddler years. I looked EVERYWHERE... and FINALLY found one (online) at the Land of Nod. The green one was RANDOMLY $40 cheaper than normal.. It's washable and can also be used as a duvet insert! Score!

I also knew I wanted printed sheets since the comforter was a solid color... I kept googling (that's a real word.) kids' sheet sets, and found the Alphabet set on Amazon for $67. What?? I LOVED the print but didn't like the price. Bummer. BUT. After a quick google search for alphabet sheet sets I found THE EXACT SAME SET at Target. On Sale. For $25. How 'bout a WHOOP WHOOP! I'm not the only one excited... look at this face:
I'm not even kidding, this kid doesn't want to leave his new bed! He has already spent so much time just laying on his belly trying to find his favorite letters (O, W, and M... he knows them all, but ALWAYS points those three out...)!

All in all, I'm very pleased with what we found, and we have a little guy that can't wait for us to move his new bed into his room! Yay!

And since I can't leave her out of the post...

We love this happy little girl! She is currently trying so hard to get her way.. she will cry her sweet little, pitiful cry... and as soon as she sees us, she gives us the BIGGEST smile! It works a lot of the time because I can hardly leave her cute baby grin!

Ok, that's all. We've gotta get back to our letter search on the alphabet sheets! :)

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