Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year...New Projects!

I have decided to document my Project List for 2011...I would LOVE input...but I also didn't want to forget all the plans I have for my home this year! I highly doubt all these projects will actually be done, but I would love to have a list to work from!

Master Bedroom:
-I have been wanting to paint horizontal stripes in my bedroom for a while now. I love the color of our walls NOW (which is pretty close to the darker color in the picture), but I think it would add a little more character with slightly lighter thick horizontal stripes.
-I recently found Kojo Designs through another blog I follow...and I'm so glad I did! I'm in love with this bedspread they made! Can you believe it?? It's an Anthro-inspired "quilt" (Check out the inspiration quilt from Anthropologie), and it's pretty dead-on. I can't stop dreaming about it being in my bedroom! This is one of the first projects I want to tackle
- I also love those stands on her bedside table with the initials on them. I'm going to try to make something similar...
-I need a curtain on my one measly little window...we'll see what I can do...
-I also need to figure out what to put on the wall above our bed. I thought possibly some silhouette pictures of Kyle and I... or art...what do you think?

Parker's Bedroom:
-I just realized how terrible this photo is...but that little bed is AWESOME! My talented husband made it! He used the plans from Ana White's website (she is pretty amazing). I need to paint and distress it...
-Here's another blog I follow! (The picture above is from her First Day of Fall post...) I really want to make a floating shelf to put above Parker's dresser. I need a place to display all of his little picture frames and knick-knacks. He is getting big enough to pull things down from his dresser, and I don't want to have to hide everything!
-I've decided Parker's room needs to be green! Maybe an olive-y green... not bright. I also want to paint cattail silhouettes coming up from behind the long side of Parker's bed on the wall...maybe a cream color.
-Many will probably think it's dumb, but I thought I would win some points with Kyle for this. I am going to attempt to make one to put above Parker's bed! We constantly have cardboard boxes building up in our garage so I thought I would make use out them!
-Parker also needs a curtain...
-Kyle is going to make me a framed chalkboard to hang in Parker's room.

Master Bath:
-Kyle is actually in the process of making this Spa Bench right now! I'm thinking I like it exactly how it looks in the picture so we will stain it when it's done! (Another Ana White
-I would also love to mount some hooks on the wall above my bench to continue the spa look!
-I found this blog and immediately fell in love with the mirror she created!! And it's pretty easy to do! This is another that I would love to tackle soon! (You should also check out her laundry room re-d0!)
- I love the ruffled and bustled shower curtains Anthropologie sells! I would LOVE this in my bathroom!

Living Room:
-Right now, this is what one of my walls looks like in the living room. Plain, brown, boring. I like have a mirror in there to expand it a little, but it needs to be fixed up a little! I'm thinking spray-painted a creamy color and distressed a little...what about the sconces?? I'm not sure what I think about them...
-I have a tiny little wall the the left when you walk inside my front door that I would like to make into a faux mini mudroom. Ana White has plans for the above photo, and Kyle said he would make it for me!!
-Another Ana White creation! I love this upholstered bench! I could use more sitting space in my living room...and I need to cover an ugly grate on a wall in my living room!
-I have a great bamboo Roman shade on my front door right now...but if the lights are on inside the house anyone can see right through them! I want to figure out how to attach some cute curtains to them to add a little more privacy. Anyone else have this problem with their bamboo shades?

-My kitchen and I are on good terms right now...I'm content with most of that part of my house, but I'd like to make a little curtain like the curtain above from Urban Outfitters. (I realize that's a shower curtain...but I want it in my kitchen!!)
-I also want to paint my kitchen stools green and distress them! I need a little more color around my "kitchen table".

Laundry Room:
-Not sure where I got the idea for this, but I KNOW I was inspired by something I saw... I had some extra wood in the garage so I decided to make some little signs that say "wash", "dry", "fold" for my laundry room! Obviously I've not made it all the way through this project, but I love how the "wash" sign turned out! These are just in case I forget the order... :)

Well, there you have it. A project list for the new year! I'm not holding myself to these projects, but I need to document them so I don't forget what I'd like to do! Hopefully I can take pictures of the process, and I will share them with you!!

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