Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Dress for Payton!

Making clothes for baby girls is so much fun! Here's the first "dress" I made for her:
I found this old tunic-type shirt in my closet (which I had previously tried to turn into drapey-cardigan type thing... fail.), and the material was still in great shape! It's a very light, knit material with a satin sash that I knew I could put to good use! All I did was use the bottom section of the shirt and sewed it into a wide tube. I folded down the top (keeping the bottom hem), made a small tube around the waist, and put in a piece of elastic that I measured around her waist. Once I sewed the elastic in, all I had to do was combine the two pieces of the sash and tie it aroung the waist of the skirt. I paired it with a plain long-sleeved onesie to make it look like a dress, and that's it! I may eventually add something fun to her onesie, but for now here's the finished product:
My happy girl! She's so sweet to let me dress her up! I made two little rosettes and attached them to a little piece of elastic for her headband and cut off the foot portion of two of my knee-high socks for her baby legs. How about a free outfit?? :) I love shopping in my closet!

A close-up of her sweet chunky face. Love it!

My babies! Parker was so, so sweet to sit with his sissy.. these moments are very rare!

Payton and Parker.

Looking forward to more sewing adventures for my little girl!

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