Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Moments...

Just a little update.. before I forget about these little moments!

Papa came over recently! One of my dad's newer hobbies is making bread. Specifically, Our Best Bites' Focaccia Bread. If you've never made focaccia (or any bread for that matter), you HAVE to give this recipe a try! It's SO STINKIN' EASY. It's almost impossible to mess up! And if you like Macaroni Grill's bread, this is 10 times better! Seriously. OK, back the the pics...

My dad was teaching the kids how to make the bread... which in Papa's eyes means dipping fingers in EVERYTHING to taste it. Sugar, salt, oil, flour... needless to say, the boys LOVED it!

"What can we dip our fingers in next...?"

Family resting time...

Baby girl getting bundled up for a walk! Isn't her owl hat adorable?? Thanks, Leah!

Goin' for a walk!

In other news... I may or may not be "training" for the Warrior Dash 2012. I may or may not be extremely PUMPED about doing it. I may or may not have ever done anything like this before. I may or may not LOVE watching shows like the Real World/Road Rules Challenges and wonder if I would be able to do some of the physical challenges.. This may or may not be like a dream come true... Ok, enough of that.

That's life for now. BYE!

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  1. I cannot wait to cheer you guys on from the sidelines! Let me know next time you need someone to come over and eat the extra freshly baked bread you have lying around. :-)