Saturday, June 16, 2012

Little Boys' Pocket Tee

SO simple.

What you need:
fabric for pocket (new or use an old pair of shorts like I did!)
matching thread
sewing machine

Decide on a pocket size you like, then add 1/4 in. seam allowance on the sides and bottom.  If you are using an old shirt or shorts (or dress.. or tie.. or sock.. I don't know... the possibilities are endless!) and you like the hem already... just use it like it is for the top part of the pocket!  If you are using new material or creating a new hem I would probably use a an inch or so seam allowance.

I've decided that my FAVORITE way to sew (because it's EASY and QUICK) is to "fake serge" or zig-zag the edges.  So.  That's what I did here.  I zig-zagged to prevent the edges from fraying...

...then I folded the edges under and pinned the pocket on the T-shirt.  (Use a T-shirt you already have to put the pocket in the right position... OR obviously you could just try it on.)

Finally just straight-stitch it on the shirt!

That's it!

Then promise your 2 year old candy so you can take a couple pictures.

Then, actually give him the candy immediately or THIS will happen.

After the candy is consumed, you may get another smile.  Even if it's fake.

Then take a picture of your cute baby girl taking a sink-bath!  

I have put a couple printed pockets on plain T's for myself and it REALLY changes the style!  I've done a floral pocket... a striped pocket... and a lace pocket... let me know if you try it out!! 


  1. So cute! The shirt AND my niece and nephew!

  2. Agree with Rox. Also--you are amaze-balls.