Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Christmas Journey!

This Christmas, the Routh clan packed up the 'Terra to the roof and headed to see our immediate families for TWO WEEKS! We have never experienced Christmas like that before...SOOOOO much fun, and SOOOO crazy! We first spent time with my family in Southaven and then headed to Jackson to hang out with Kyle's famiy. Here are a few pictures of our experience...
The Routh Family (Me, Kyle, Eric, Lucas, Bill/Dad/Doc)
Camo from his Nanna and Doc
CUTE??? Not.
Santa (Kyle's dad)
Uncle Lucas, Uncle Eric, and Aunt Haley (Kyle's siblings)
Nanna (Kyle's mom) and her grandson
Kyle with his camo-boy
Pablo (my dad) and the boys
Me and my buddy
Aunt Leelee (my sister) and her nephews
Roxanne (sister) and her boys Jude and Eli
Big boy, Eli
Mammy Tammy with her grandbabies
Two sleepy pups, Aly and Copper

SO much more happened than what I've shared, but I will spare you for now...and forgive me for not knowing how to post these pictures in chronological order. I'm apparently an idiot and don't know what I'm doing when it comes to blogging...I'll learn! So, basically, these pictures are just backwards. Merry (late) Christmas!


  1. I love it!! Super cute background! I'm so glad you posted!

  2. Losers. There are no pictures of me. -Mike

  3. Nothing better than good times spent with family. Looks like you had fun and the kids are adorable! Thanks for stopping by, entering the giveaway and posting it on facebook. I appreciate it! Hope you're having a good day.