Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Routh's Lately...

I said I would keep up with this...I guess posting every month is keeping up! Parker is now 6 months (today!) now so life is getting a little bit easier! The past couple of months have been so busy that we have barely been able to breathe! I'm excited to show you a small portion of our crazy life...
Parker's 5 month happy!
Aly (sis), Ashley (best friend/basically sis), and me
Whitney (friend/basically big sis) and Roxanne (sis)
Stone Girls and Rieves Girls...used to be at least! Amy Katherine (in the gorgeous blue dress) was on homecoming court at SBEC, and we all came to SCREAM for her! She is/was/always will be beautiful!!
Parker lets us know when he is ready for another bite by opening his mouth as wide as possible!
We also like to eat our toes...
Parker and his cousin, Jude! (Roxanne's youngest)
We spent a few days in Jackson and caught the snow! (Parker was not too fond of being bundled...)
Our CRAZY dog, Copper...LOVED the snow!
Me and my little guy!
My little family!
Parker with his Doc and Nanna (Kyle's parents)!
Pablo (my dad) and Parker - singing a kid's book to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song...hilarious.
Sleepy boy...fell asleep watching the Olympics.
Valentine's Day!
Being a dork in the actually stuck!
Continuing our tradition of caramel apples on Valentine's Day! Yum...
Long post? yes. I apologize...but I enjoyed sharing with you! Have a loverly, yes loverly, day!


  1. I love all the pics :) miss yall!!

  2. Love it! Cute hair band!...oh, and you and Kyle's eyes both look green in that one pic :)

  3. how did i not know about this blog?? i keep checking the old one to see if you decided to blog again... i'm loving all the pictures! happy 1/2 birthday, parkie!

  4. Love the pics! Beautiful little family!! Love ya!