Thursday, August 11, 2011

the 'R' found its home...

I used to have a BIG mirror on my wall behind my couch. I loved it. Every time I got up from the couch, I could make sure my hair looked good... make sure my make-up wasn't smeared... or to make sure my nose was clear of boogers and my teeth were clear of pepper... admit it! We all do it. It's habit to look in a mirror if it's there. Anyway, I got sick of it the only thing that fit on the wall, and I needed a change. The 'R' I showed you earlier started a whole train of thought... I NEEDED a shelf over my couch. I don't have a fireplace which means I don't have a mantle... I feel like everyone needs a mantle to decorate!! So... here's mine:
My 'R' loves its home.

The shelf is a plank of wood and two supports (from Lowes... already cut... maybe a dollar each!) stained with "Jacobean"... basically espresso-colored stain. I know have empty little places here and there around the house where I gathered what I thought would look best on my shelf. I LOVE it! The thing I love best about it? It's SO easy to change. Kyle's not keen on my changing things around especially if it involves new nail holes in the wall... this is now a harmless (for our walls..) thing to change! Although, I'm still getting up from the couch expecting to see my reflection staring back... so if you're at my house and I have a booger in my nose or pepper in my teeth, you'll know why.