Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet Hubby.

I love surprises.

My hubby sent me a text message yesterday saying, "Get up and get dressed." He had to leave early, early to lead a boys' Bible study so I was still in bed waiting for little guy to wake up. My first reaction was, "Stop telling me what to do, brat." Then I realized I should get ready just in case.

After getting ready and getting excited to see what was going on, Kyle came home with a few grocery sacks... huh?? Don't get me wrong... surprising me with groceries is GREAT since I hate grocery shopping, but I wondered why I was told to get ready... "We're going on a breakfast picnic!!!" How fun! He went and bought bagels, fruit, and a special drink for all of us, and we were ready for a morning adventure!! :)

Our special drinks:
Orange Vitamin Water, Frappuccino, and what does every kid love?? Yoo-Hoo. This made me laugh out loud for some reason. Parker was in for a GREAT surprise!

We drove about 20 minutes away to Wall Doxey State Park to picnic and play. We had such a fun time! Parker LOVES playing outside and this was WAAAAAYY better than our boring little backyard!
This kid loves to cheese it up! He was such a good boy and ate MOST of his breakfast with so many distractions all around: birds chirping, a big lake, dock, playground with FUN slides, TONS of room to run, and of course the delicious Yoo-Hoo waiting for him.

We were supposed to look at the camera, but we couldn't help but check out each others' goofy faces. Silly, silly boy.

Parker and his daddy. We got to see a BUNCH of fish swimming in the lake from the dock. Park-man was such a good boy and held our hands the whole time we walked on the dock!

Drinking the Yoo-Hoo. He sucked it down. I mean FAST.

We stayed out just until it started getting steamy and headed home for a day of relaxing. We had so much fun! Thanks, Kyle/Daddy for the surprise!!

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