Monday, September 26, 2011

No-sew DIY Maxi Skirt!

Shopping for maternity clothes is a little hard where we live... I truthfully don't NEED anything between mine and Rox's maternity stashes, BUT who doesn't like something new every once in a while?? SO. I found this DIY on Pinterest (via Lauren's pinboard, thanks!!).
I couldn't start from scratch since our local fabric store doesn't sell knit fabric, and I can hardly ever make it to JoAnn's in Southaven. So, I did the next best thing and headed to Goodwill! I was hoping I could find any old long knit dress that I could alter or just use the fabric... what I found was SO much better:
A long, knit shirred-top maxi dress!! What?? The dress is in REALLY good shape, and it was the perfect size for a preggo belly! So here's what I did:
I knew I needed an elastic waistband for comfort and easy entry (that's a weird way to say it, but you know what I mean...) just like my other DIY skirt that I blogged about here. I folded the shirred top under so the top became a thick waistband (or in my case, an above-the-belly band).
I found this long knit sash in a box of random old belts and scarves from years and years ago. Sometimes it's good to hoard things. Right?? Don't answer that... I'll just move on.
I tied the old knit sash around my thrifted long maxi dress-turned-skirt and...
Here's the end result! (Just disregard the dumb face... I couldn't post another hand-on-the-hip picture... so this is what you get.) I just paired it with a simple, fitted knit shirt and...
I wore it to church with a cropped cardigan since it's FINALLY fall and it was actually a tiny bit chilly outside! And that's all. The absolute easiest DIY ever.

If I were un-pregnant (is that a word?), I assume the shirred-top dress may not stay up as easily... I think all I would have done differently is add a couple belt loops to the waistband to keep a sash or belt in place. But this could totally be a regular skirt, too! Look here and here for a couple of non-pregnant maxi skirts that look great!


  1. I love it! Even prettier than the one on Pinterest. I am very impressed

  2. I love it!! I would never have imagined how easy it was to make it!! Adorable!

  3. I agree with Dorothy! Cuter than the Pinterest one!! Love it!