Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friends come to town!

Kyle and I had the honor of hosting two amazing people at our house for the weekend! Michelle and Drew are very, very good friends that we grew close to while they lived in Oxford. We were so, so sad to see them move, but we LOVE that they are only a couple hours away so they can come visit and we can go see them!

Friday night we all ate dinner together and just talked about life now-a-days. After Park-man went to bed, Kyle and Drew caught up a little bit (a.k.a. played X BOX...haha, I do have to point out that they DID conquer a "level" or game that they had been working hard on beating last time they were together...Michelle and I were so proud!). Michelle and I enjoyed hearing about the goings-on of each others lives and just enjoyed hanging out again!

Saturday, we all got to witness a BEAUTIFUL wedding ceremony of good friends at our church. It was so exciting to see such amazing people join together in marriage. I loved getting to be there! The reception was absolutely perfect, and we got to enjoy catching up with more good friends that have moved away (miss y'all KC and Baskin!). Although I didn't get any pictures with the beautiful bride or our whole "supper club", here are a few to enjoy:
Michelle is such a sweet friend!
Cool guys!
I love this! Thanks so much for staying with us Michelle and Drew! We can't wait to see y'all again!

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  1. yay! We made the blog!! I LOVE it!! :-)