Thursday, April 7, 2011

This week with Parker...

My little guy is talking more and more every day... it's so fun to hear him jabbering in baby talk and then hear him throw in a real word! A lot of times I will hear him say or repeat something that I had no clue he could say! I love hearing his growing vocabulary! :)
"Mooommm...leave me alone!"
He was probably saying "choo-choo" of his favorite..
Parker is a HUGE fan of Sesame Street so it's no surprise that he knows "Cookie" for Cookie Monster... I found him doing exactly what Cookie does when he eats a cookie (you know, fumbling it around in his hands and stuffing it his mouth while it falls apart...) while saying, "Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie..." Sesame Street IS educational, but here's one hilarious yet bad influence!
Here's the aftermath...
Parker immediately said "CHEEEESE" when he saw the camera... what a ham! Loves attention!
Silly boy.
I love my guy...


  1. I LOVE the picture with his huge grin! He is a little ham!!

  2. I love his hat! He's already so much older looking! Come see us!