Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zoo and such.

Kyle "surprised" Parker and I with a trip to the zoo on Friday! (I say "surprised" because he decided that morning that we would go...I guess you could say he surprised himself, too!) It was a beautiful day so we were really excited to spend some time outside! This was Parker's first trip to the Memphis Zoo!! He's been to the Toronto Zoo and the Jackson Zoo, but I couldn't wait to bring him to see the Memphis animals!!
Kyle and Parker with the "RAWR" a.k.a. Tiger. Parker LOVED Cat Country!
I was so excited to see the Flamingoes...but it was pretty anti-climatic. They stunk like crazy making it unbearable to stay nearby for very long.
My big boy and I with the giraffes! Parker calls them "Affes".
I can't really remember what they were looking at here...but this is cute anyway!
The Polar Bear!! I always love seeing them, but I don't think Parker could see them well...that or he was getting tired and didn't care anymore!
At the sea lion show! Parker only lasted for 5 minutes before he needed to get up and roam... but Kyle and I needed a break so we stayed the whole time!
We should have visited "Once Upon a Farm" earlier in the day... everyone was pretty tired at this point so we just quickly walked around to see the "Baaaa's" and the "Oinks".
Every other Sunday night our church meets in various homes for Fellowship Groups while the kids hang out at the church to read, play, plant a garden (they really do!! It's pretty awesome.), eat, and of course fellowship! We have SO many children that name-tags are a must. Parker decided that he LOVED his "sick-er" and smiled for me a little bit!
Then he started singing! :) Look at those flared nostrils...
P.S. I do not send him half-naked to church... just in case you were worried!
Parker in his cute saftey glasses!
That didn't last long...
Parkie-man and his daddy at the new South Depot Taco Shop in Oxford. We loved it and can't wait to go back!


  1. I wish we could have joined you guys!! But I am so glad parker liked all the animals, especially the "affs"!

  2. Love it! You are never too old or young to go to the zoo. I cant wait to go back!