Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parker and Easter

I haven't posted in FOREVER. It basically means I keep forgetting to take pictures of our family adventures... but here are a few glimpses of the our lives the past couple weeks. (Actually there are more pictures of Parker than anyone... so here's what Parker's been up to!)

Kyle took a trip to Cherokee, NC to prepare for the youth mission trip this summer (This is the first mission trip for many of our students! I'm so excited for Kyle and these students to be a part of this ministry. Prayers accepted!), and came back with a souvenir for our little guy. He was singing a Native American song...
This is Parker's "I'm just cute" pose.
My first nephew. He's one smart little guy! I always have fun with Eli!
My youngest nephew. THE cutest little guy! I love Jude's personality!
One day recently Parker joined me on the couch to watch a show... before I knew it, he had passed out! BEFORE lunch... that NEVER happens!!
Easter morning! This is his first easter basket from us... we just didn't get around to it last year. He was also only 7 months I didn't feel too bad.
First order of business? Eat candy.
I think he was saying, "COOOOL!"
First big baseball bat!
I thought I was catching him at a good time...apparently he was too cranky still.
Can you believe this is the best picture I got of Parker in his Easter outfit?? I told you I wasn't very good with taking pictures!
The Winebrenners, Aly, my dad (Papa formerly Pablo), and Kyle's parents (Nanna and Doc) joined us for Easter lunch this year! We missed you, Mom (Mammy)! We had SO much fun! And the boys were so cute together... they did pretty good all eating together at the picnic table!
My cute sissies. They actually are cute. I know the picture doesn't reflect that... haha, just kidding guys. You're still cute even though you were making dumb-dumb faces...
Just playing...
Can't wait to find the Easter eggs!!!
The search is on...
Eager for more!
Found one!

I failed to get a sister picture or even a family picture!! I was terrible this year... but we have our memories right?? We had a wonderful Easter spent with family, and most importantly we got to celebrate our Risen King!

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