Friday, July 8, 2011

Everyday life...

The Rouths have a small lull in busy schedules right now... which means I keep forgetting to grab pictures of normal, everyday silliness. And I kid you not, silliness describes life with Park-man right now. From playing sumo, to jumping on pillows (which you saw here), to running in circles like a crazy man, to dumping out ALL of his stuffed animals and diving into them, to singing "Inkle, Inkle Little Star..." at the top of his lungs, to crashing his "choo-choo's" over and over again... I could go on forever! These silly things USUALLY turn into bad things so we are definitely staying busy with Parker. We wouldn't have it any other way... really. Even though we are falling asleep by 9 (and I'm normally an up-until-11-or-12-every-night kind of person...), wondering and worrying about having TWO little ones come December, have Elmo and Super Why songs stuck in our heads all. day. long., and cleaning up messes from a little one that thinks forks and spoons are actually paintbrushes.... we love being parents... this yogurt-eating mess...

...with an attitude...haha... I love this face.

Thanks for listening to my rambling!

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  1. So much fun! I love it!
    If it makes you feel any better we dont have any kids and we are already in bed by 9 or 9:30 every night...I hope it doesn't get worse when we do have kids! I dont think I can handle an earlier dinner! :)