Friday, June 24, 2011

More silly faces...

I think I have the silliest 22 month old ever. This kid LOVES to play. LOVES to laugh. LOVES to be hyper. LOVES to say CHEEEESSEEE to the camera. LOVES anything loud, crazy, and goofy. (Don't get me wrong. We defnitely have our disobedient, rebellious, attitude-filled moments... we just don't necessarily have pictures of those moments!) Here are few of those silly moments:

He paused for just a millisecond.

This is Parker's new thing. Getting EVERY couch cushion on the floor. Piling them up. Diving. Jumping. Screaming.


Since it's SO stinkin' hot outside, we need SOMETHING active to do. This is what Parker prefers. Hope you enjoyed a look into silliness!

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