Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Fun, Easy Project!

Now that life has calm down a little bit, I have gotten really excited about being able to pay more attention to making our house feel more like a home! First on our list was cleaning up weeks and weeks of neglect... as in about 8 loads of laundry, cleaning out the fridge, clearing out messy closets, dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc., etc., etc............... those things were not that exciting, but I KNEW that had to happen before I could have a little fun with re-decorating!

My very sweet Mother-in-law gave Kyle and I a really nice entry table with matching mirror as a house-warming gift when we moved into this house almost 2 years ago! (I can't believe it's been that LONG!) I have LOVED it, and the table is still serving its purpose well on our entry wall. I decided to move things around a little bit and decided that I LOVE my old, chippy window over the table instead of the mirror. SO...what to do with the fabulous mirror? I couldn't find a place for it as it is so in comes the PROJECT!

What I used:
Mirror frame
PDF board (it was already cut to size as it was used to back the mirror)
Krylon Satin spray paint in Almond
Acrylic Chalkboard paint

(My BEFORE picture includes a little bit of spray paint already applied...I'm TERRIBLE at remembering before pictures!)

First on the list was to spray paint the frame... I planned on distressing my frame a little bit once it was dry so I was too worried about the right number of coats to do.

While the frame was drying, I worked on the chalkboard paint. The acrylic paint takes at least two coats to completely cover it with an hour of drying time in between. I hear the chalkboard spray paint is even better (and easier) to use so hopefully I can actually find some next time I need it!

Once the frame was covered to my liking and dry, I took my electric sander to it. I was hoping to hit the corners and the raised detail as unevenly as possible to give it a naturally distressed look.
Here's a close look of the details...
Trying to show off the distressed look...
Once everything's just right, put your frame back together. Now you have a new chalkboard! Use it as a welcome sign, a message board, or maybe just a fun thing for your kids to play with!

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