Friday, July 1, 2011

"Big Box"

My husband is super cool. He makes things for me. He has even come up with the plans on his own so we can have exactly what we want! I am definitely spoiled... let me back up a little big...

Y'all have heard me talk about Ana White before... she has a blog on which she puts tons and tons of free furniture plans for anybody to use! It's pretty dangerous to look at... I want one of just about everything. :) Just kidding... sort of. Kyle loves to do construction-like projects and I just so happen to enjoy painting, staining, fixing-up, etc. those projects. Which leads us to our latest endeavor...

Parker's room has yet to be exactly what I envision... remember my big plans I have for his room? (You can find it here along with all my other unfinished projects!) We are moving in the right direction now, though! We were in desperate need of a storage system for Parker's toys and books... so Kyle and I browsed through Ana White's plan catalog. We couldn't find exactly what we wanted so Kyle combined a couple different toy box and bookshelf plans to come up with this:

Isn't it great! It's exactly what we needed, and it's the PERFECT height for my little guy. He LOVES his "Big Box"!

I found the paint at Wal-Mart with the "Oops" paint and only paid $7 for a gallon! (If you haven't heard of Oops paint, look around the paint section next time you're there! Sometimes people have paint mixed and it ends up being the wrong shade... so the store will sell it for 50% off!) I had another shade of green in mind, but for half-off I fell in love with this bright green!

So there you have it. Step One in our "Parker's Room Transformation" series... haha. I will keep updating on his room as we move forward! Our next project is to PAINT his room! I can't wait to see the finished results!

(By the way, I found the paint for his room with the Oops paint, too! The exact color I wanted!! I'm serious, you should check it out if you need paint!)

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  1. Wow, what an awesome toy box... any kid's dream! :)
    And I totally understand- last year when we refinished our piano I was going to paint it yellow, but when I saw light blue paint in the oops section, my thrify side was immediately willing to compromise! :) I love that green though... I think it rocks! :)