Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY "Wreath"

I had someone (ahem... my sister) tell me I should post some of my homemade's one of them.

Spindle-y Wreath
Sausha from {show & tell} has an amazing laundry room re-do where she includes a picture with a beautiful wreath above her washer and dryer. I couldn't stop looking at that post!! I absolutely love her new laundry room, but I couldn't get that wreath out of my head. I knew I could buy it somewhere... but I did this one for FREE!

heavy-duty scissors and/or box-cutter
hot glue gun and glue

(I don't have pictures to show you, but it's so stinkin' easy that you won't need a step-by-step in pictures.)

1. Cut a ring of cardboard out of an old box (like a diaper box! We have a lot of them...)
2. Collect a BUNCH of random shaped and different sized sticks... you'll need more than you realize!
3. Start gluing away! I really didn't have a specific plan in my head when I started gluing...I did make sure the thicker sticks were spaced apart so there was a tiny bit of balance, but random placement makes it look so natural. After all, it is just a bunch of sticks.
4. Once you're satisfied with your wreath, hang it on the wall!! Step back and enjoy your creation!

It doesn't look EXACTLY like Sausha's, but I was so, so happy with how it turned out! Let me know if you decide to make one...I'd love to see how your's turns out!

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