Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Park-ster

Sometimes we get to do fun things like go to the Children's Museum...and I, of course, was unable to charge my camera to document such an exciting event...so I got 2 measly little pictures of my little guy before my camera died. We had a GREAT time, and Rox was able to get quite a few pictures of the boys when they weren't running around (and away from) us!
Parker LOVED the "puppy". I think he found his way back to the dalmation about 10 times...here, he's hugging the "puppy".
Parker wasn't quite into the dressing up part of the museum...but like I said, I didn't have much battery time left. I HAD to take advantage of this opportunity!! :) I will have to "borrow" some of Rox's pictures to show you we (Parker specifically) really did have fun!!!

Other goings-on in the life of the Routh's...

Parker had a check-up today at the doctor's office. Today was a great check-up because Parker is up-to-date on all of his shots!! No more immunizations until school! YAAAYY! Actually, Parker has done very well every time he's gotten shots...we have no horror stories of bad reactions or freaking out... BUT a doctor's appointment without shots is always a good one! :) He's currently 91% in weight and 87% in height...and constantly growing!! I can't tell you how many times people are surprised to hear he's only 18 months old...Parker's a BIG boy. I am so grateful to have a healthy little guy! I just pray that we can endure these "terrible two's" that we seem to be encountering a little early...I am normally a pretty scatter-brained person, but the toddler stage is only intensifying my insanity...haha...all is well here, but it's not too surprising to find the peanut butter in the fridge or the keys in the sock drawer at my house these days...ok, back to Parker.
Parker got a sucker for being a good boy at the doctor's office. Sticky hands, sticky face, sticky shirt.
We also had to make a trip to the grocery store after Parker's check-up (I know, poor little guy...), and this is obviously the first box of raisins he's ever eaten. I felt pretty bad because I couldn't really help much since we were in the car...he eventually figured it out.

That's all for now...have a good day!!

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  1. Love the pics and the blogs! Thank you for sharing your little man with us! :)