Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things to come...

Headbands galore...
Triple Rosette in Plum Chiffon
4 Rosettes in Antique Lace
4 Rosettes in Grey Double Georgette
4 Rosettes in Antique Gold Chiffon
Triple Chrysanthemum in Grey Double Georgette
Hairclips and pins in all four colors...I can also make the pressed posies (Grey and Antique Gold flowers with the pearled beads) for a headband!

What's your favorite style headband and hairclip? What's your favorite color? What other colors would you suggest? I'd love your feedback!

My sister and I are working on a variety of goodies for a craft fair in May! R+J Handmade's shop isn't so impressive right now...but we are working on it! Let us know what you would like to see in our shop! :)


  1. Yay! LOVE them all! Can I get the grey double georgette 4 rosettes one?? Thanks boo!

  2. I love it!! Soo cute:) I think a triple Chrysanthemum in purple double georgette would also be amazingly cute:) as is everything else.

  3. Thanks, Rox! And yes, of course! :)

    Thanks, Rachel!! I will have to try a purple one!

  4. Love all of them! I want a antique gold pin for a dress that needs a little sprucing :)

  5. Are ya'll doing the A-Fair? I certainly want to come shop with ya'll. Maybe Mabry will have enough hair by then for us to get matching ones, lol. Beautiful creations!

  6. Maybe its just that my hair already looks a little grey, but I agree with Rachel. The Triple Chrysanthemum in Grey Double Georgette would be awesome in purple too! I love the antique lace!

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all! Roxanne and I are planning on being a part of the A-Fair so look for us!! :) I love the suggestions! Keep 'em comin'!