Monday, March 28, 2011


Disclaimer: There are a TON of pictures in this post... you have been warned.

Spring Break marked the beginning of about a two week long crazy streak for the Routh family. Kyle's mom, AKA Nanna, met us the Friday before Spring Break to pick up our little Parkie-man for a WHOLE WEEK! It's longest he's ever been away from us, and we sure did miss him! But we knew he was in good hands! :) I think he did a lot of playing and even took a trip to the zoo! After we got back from the backpacking trip (which I posted about here), Kyle and I along with our good friends Craig and Missy headed down to Jackson to pick up Parker. We then proceeded to Lake Bruin, Louisiana to relax at Kyle's parents' lake house! We had a BLAST! It was a nice break, and we SO enjoyed spending some time with the Daniels!!!
Parker drove the boat most of the time...actually he did help Kyle drive a lot!
Craig and their sweet puppy, Jake! Jake was a little scared of the lake and the boat...but by the end of their time at Lake Bruin, he LOVED it!
My guy and me...he wasn't too happy about having to sit still...
Missy, Craig, and Kyle waiting for the shrimp!! Kyle and Craig are expert shrimp boilers now!
It was delish!
Kyle and Missy fishing in the alligator-infested waters... a little exaggeration... but there ARE alligators in the lake, and Kyle, Craig, and Missy said they thought they saw one! Unfortunately, the fish weren't biting that weekend...
My guys.
Tiger says "RAWR!"
Getting ready to get on the boat one more time! We had so much fun and can't wait to go again!!!

A few days after Rox's birthday (she turned 27 on March 20... she can now say she's in her late 20s!!! haha, Rox), I got to head up to the Winebrenner's house to have a mini-birthday celebration for her! Well... the boys did most of the "celebrating" by screaming, yelling, running, making a mess, and being crazy!! I had so much fun, though!!
My dad's tradition with his grandsons is to take them to McDonald's for lunch. One-on-one, it's a pretty fun trip, but Dad knew that three toddlers at McDonald's would not be ideal... so he brought Mickey-D's to us!! We had an indoor picnic since it was a little chilly out...
Parker and Eli enjoyed a snack and a show before JuJu woke up.
Dad played in the backyard with the boys for a LONG time, and they had a blast!!! They used their little soccer goals and a blanket to make a tent!
Rox was being a big baby.
Eli loved trying on CeCe's shoes!

On my birthday I woke up to a lovely surprise!

Kyle made me a bench (without me knowing!) from Ana White! (This is when he gave me my jig-saw, too! I posted about it here!) Isn't it cute?? He even bought we cute little baskets to go in the cubbies! I can't wait to paint it!

Kyle made me breakfast and coffee, took me to lunch at Volta, and then we even got to go thrifting (this is when I found that cute little squirrel!)
We played in the backyard that afternoon since it was pretty nice out! Here's my little golfer :)
My little family!
Kyle made me one of my favorite foods for dinner: fresh spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce! YUM!!!
He also made me the the biggest chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich ever!! It was delish, and he came up with the idea all by himself!! I was extremely impressed! Oh, and excuse that giddy 5 year-old smile...I couldn't help but be so excited! :)

The next day, Kyle had me get all dressed-up to go on a surprise date. He said the babysitter would be here at three...I had no clue what he was planning...when I walked out of my room thinking the babysitter was here, I saw my family standing there and smiling!!! What a surprise!! I was so excited to get to celebrate with my fam!! (We missed you, Mom!! But we understand!! Can't wait to celebrate again! :)
Rox and Eli cuddling!
Rox, me, and Aly being weirdos.
Crazy. I know.
Mike and Kyle chillin'.
Dad was DETERMINED to figure out the complex childrens' puzzle.
Things stayed pretty crazy the whole time... I think this may have been a screaming contest??
Then, we had a drumming contest!
Kyle and Mike staying out of it.. haha.
Birthday girls!
It was a good thing Kyle made such a big ice cream sandwich!! :) I loved another excuse to eat some sweets!

There you have it. The last couple of weeks in pictures!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special, especially Kyle who planned all of the excitement!! :)


  1. it's still so crazy to me that y'all are such good friends with craig and missy! so fun! happy belated birthday!

  2. I LOVE the bench! I actually just asked the hubby to build me one JUST like that last night! Now I can show him the Ana White site and he will know EXACTLY what I am talking about!!!! :)

  3. It sure is Lindsay, and thank you!

    Melissa, that's awesome!! Y'all should definitely browse around her site, too...she's got some really cute and easy projects!!