Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Kyle Routh Saga (Really just playing in the snow)

From time to time (and only from time to time) I like to enter into Jessie's world. In the past I have cleaned dishes, changed diapers, and swept the floor...I do not advise any guy to partake in any of these activities. Now it is time to enter into the world of blogging for the first time. Enjoy our February snow.
He has no idea...his mind is about to be blown. Jessie added the camo bandanna, she has a ghetto side many people do not know about.
It's official...his mind has been blown. Look how nice his daddy is to help him through the first few steps.
Favorite activity: "Baaalll." He didn't make any but made sure my attempts to build a snowman were a failure.
We had a great time in the snow.
And so you know, the intro to this blog is not 100% true. Jessie's world is filled with taking care of Parker and me but I enjoy the times when I can step in and help her out.


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