Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Recap...

We were so excited to spend some time in Jackson this weekend! Haley (Kyle's sister) and Chris (her fiance!) had an engagement party on Friday, and we had so much fun celebrating with them! We had to do a little primping first, though...we needed to look GOOD for the party!
Parker had his first "big boy" haircut at the barber shop... before this I had only trimmed his little hairs at home. This was WAY overdue!
Checkin' himself out in the mirror...this child LOVES to look at himself in the mirror. About 90% of the time that he's upset, we can put Parker in front a mirror and he'll immediately stop crying and smile...
Being a good boy!
His Nanna did a great job of entertaining him with her iPhone!
Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got from the engagement party night... apparently the memory stick came out, and the pictures I took didn't save... so I caught myself acting like a dummy.
Parker enjoyed a heart-shaped piece of toast with grape jelly for breakfast!
Kyle woke me up yesterday morning with a box of Dove chocolates and a sweet card, and he gave Parker a sweet little "bouquet" of Valentine suckers!
Parker LOVED the sugar... hyper, hyper, hyper.
We decided to stay home for Valentine's Day dinner, and I'm so glad we did!! We were both SO tired from a weekend full of fun, and I love experimenting with new recipes! When Kyle and I have in-home dates, we usually wait until Parker is in bed... so we ALWAYS plan an appetizer! I found an INCREDIBLE Portabello Stuffed Mushroom recipe... I highly recommend it! It was SO easy to make, and it was in the oven for only 15 minutes! Please try!
I also made French Bread (from Our Best Bites) to go with the pasta I planned to make...we were SO stuffed from the mushroom that we decided to eat bread and oil and call it a night! I PLANNED to at least have a salad with it, but I had no room for more. Don't judge...you know you have those nights, too! I guess we'll have to make up for the unhealthy eating...Salads tonight!!!
YUMMY. The End.

(Oh, if you wondered what our main course was GOING to be...we love The Pioneer Woman's Artichoke and Tomato Spaghetti!)


  1. I LOOOVE Parker's boots! He looks so grown up!
    Isaac got some boots for Christmas - can't wait till he can wear them!

  2. Where was the Mushroom recipe from? I love your blog:)

  3. I included a link in my post for the mushroom! It's at treataweek.blogspot.com Let me know if you try it and like it!