Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twine Vases!

Want an easy project? Here you go: Twine Vases.

What you need:
A wine bottle or old vase (or in my case, an empty red wine vinegar bottle...), twine, glue gun, and extra glue sticks
Start by gluing the end piece of the twine ball (official term??) to the bottom of your bottle or vase. I guess you COULD start at the top, but I like to stick to what I know.
Glue a little bit at a time and wrap the twine around where you have glued. Be careful with the amount of glue you don't want gobs of glue between the pieces of twine AND you don't want to burn your flesh off. Been there. Done that.
You'll start getting in groove of glue and wrap, glue and wrap...and before you know it...'re done!!
Stick some fake flowers in your new vase...
...or add it to your collection!

Or not. Too many neutral colors. I think I liked the fake flowers better...I just wanted to show off my awesome sign my sister MADE me! :)