Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Parker loved practicing with his fork today. I don't think he threw one piece one the ground! By the end of his green bean pile, he speared/forked/stabbed 3 green beans and put them in his mouth! Yay! It's crazy to see my little guy getting so independent!
This little guy LOVES the camera. Cheese-ball grins are his specialty!

Even though Parker hasn't been feeling too well today, we've had a good one so far! We played with choo-choo's and puzzles, and we played outside, read a couple books (Little Critter, my favorite!), and shared a snack with Copper in the sun! (Copper decided that he was going to steal Parker's animal crackers while I wasn't looking...sneaky.) Parker also learned what a drum does, today! When I ask him what it does, he bangs on his belly! :) I'm loving his silliness.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful day!